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1934-36   R327   Diamond Stars
Player Checklist

Year of Issue (see note 1)
Card # Player 1934
(33 stats)
(34 stats)
(35 stats)

1"Lefty" Grove G4G4-
2Al Simmons G4G4B4
3"Rabbit" Maranville G4G4-
4"Buddy" Myer G4G4B4
5Tommy Bridges G4G4B4
6Max Bishop G4G4-
7Lew Fonseca G4G4-
8Joe Vosmik G4G4B4
9"Mickey" Cochrane G4G4B4
10Leroy Mahaffey G4G4B4
11 (103)Bill Dickey G4G4-
12"Dixie" Walker (Fred) G4G4B4
13George Blaeholder G4G4-
14Bill Terry G4G4-
15 (101)Dick Bartell G4G4-
16Lloyd Waner G4G4B4
17Frankie Frisch G4G4-
18"Chick" Hafey G4G4-
19 (102)Van Lingle Mungo G4G4-
20"Shanty" Hogan (Frank) G4G4-
21Johnny Vergez G4G4-
22Jimmy Wilson G4G4B4
23Bill Hallahan G4G4-
24"Sparky" Adams G4G4-
25 (108)Walter Berger -G5-
26Pepper Martin -G5B6
27  (99)"Pie" Traynor-G5-
28  (97)"Al" Lopez -G5-
29 (104)Robert Rolfe -G5-
30"Heinie" Manush -G5B6
31"Kiki" Cuyler -G5B6
32Sam Rice -G5-
33  (98)"Schoolboy" Rowe -G5-
34 (107)Stanley Hack -G5-
35 (100)Earl Averill -G5-
*36 (105)"Ernie" Lombardi -G5-
37"Billie" Urbanski -G5-
38Ben Chapman -G5-
39Carl Hubbell -G5-
40"Blondy" Ryan -G5-
41Harvey Hendrick -G5-
42Jimmie Dykes -G5-
43Ted Lyons -G5-
44Rogers Hornsby -G5-
45"Jo Jo" White -G5-
46 (106)"Red" Lucas -G5-
47Cliff Bolton -G5-
48"Rick" Ferrell -G5-
49"Buck" Jordan -G5-
50"Mel" Ott -G5-
51John Whitehead -G5-
52George Stainback -G5-
53Oscar Melillo -G5-
*54"Hank" Greenberg -G5-
55Tony Cuccinello -G5-
56"Gus" Suhr -G5-
57"Cy" Blanton -G5-
58Glenn Myatt -G5-
59Jim Bottomley -G5-
60Charley "Red" Ruffing -G5-
61"Billie" Werber -G5-
62Fred M. Frankhouse -G5-
63"Stonewall" Jackson -G5-
64Jimmie Foxx -G5-
65"Zeke" Bonura -G5-
66"Ducky" Medwick -G5-
67Marvin Owen -G5-
68Sam Leslie -G5-
69Earl Grace -G5-
70"Hal" Trotsky -G5-
71"Ossie" Bluege -G5-
72"Tony" Piet -G5-
73"Fritz" Ostermueller -G5, B5B5
74Tony Lazzeri -G5, B5B5
75Irving Burns -G5, B5B5
76Bill Rogell -G5, B5B5
77Charlie Gehringer -G5, B5B5
78Joe Kuhel -G5, B5B5
79Willis Hudlin -G5, B5B5
80Louis Chiozza -G5, B5B5
81Bill DeLancey -G5, B5B5
82John Babich -G5, B5B5
83Paul Waner -G5, B5B5
84Sam Byrd -G5, B5B5
85Julius Solters --B6
86Frank Crosetti --B6
87Steve O'Neil --B6
88Geo. Selkirk --B6
89Joe Stripp --B6
90Ray Hayworth --B6
91Bucky Harris --B6
92Ethan Allen --B6
93Alvin Crowder --B6
94Wes Ferrell --B6
95Luke Appling --B6
96Lew Riggs --B6
97     (28)"Al" Lopez --B5
98     (33)"Schoolboy" Rowe --B5
99     (27)"Pie" Traynor --B5
100   (35)Earle Averill --B5
101   (15)Dick Bartell --B4
102   (19)Van Mungo --B4
103   (11)Bill Dickey --B4
104   (29)Robert Rolfe --B5
105   (36)"Ernie" Lombardi --B5
106   (46)"Red" Lucas --B5
107   (34)Stanley Hack --B5
108   (25)Walter Berger --B5

* Cards with known variations in spelling of player name.
Bold Type indicates players now in the baseball Hall of Fame.
1) A "G" in the Year of Issue columns indicates the back is printed in green ink; "B" indicates blue ink was used. The number following the "G" or "B" indicates the last digit of the copyright date as printed on the back of the card.
2) The backs of all 1934 cards are printed in green ink and all 1936 cards are printed in blue. Some cards issued in 1935 are found in both variations, as indicated in the table.
3) The numbers in parentheses in the Card # column indicate the card number of the corresponding card with an identical front.

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