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Sellers Compared
(A Guide to eBay's Top 25 Vintage Baseball Auctioneers)

(See definitions and other notes at bottom of table)

eBay Member ID# eBay
in past Yr.
% Sale of
1battersbox925493     277699.9$free
2pwcc_auctions541985     2709100$3.75
3buythatcard214190     1926100.0$2.50
4davidbvintage197795     1878100.0$4.00
5investinbaseball918002     1836100.0$3.50
6mikedenero140080     1120100.0$free
7cookiemonster501352130     1056100.0$free
8mwcards126275     946100.0$2.50
9grays231840     927100.0$3.00
10carterscards2006128670     900100.0$3.95
11ppgustafson91290     820100.0$4.00
12wvshoebox134460     806100.0$2.95
13kityoungcards681210     681100.0$2.95
14orkdoolian126850     634100.0$free
151oldcardman79280     633100.0$2.00
16memorylaneinc184930     554100.0$8.00
17oldbbcards508510     508100.0$2.50
18hyee_auctions488110     488100.0$4.95
19just_collect96595     482100.0$3.50
20czs195650     47899.9$1.50
21aquarian1194620     389100$free
22sportsinvestments103630     310100.0$3.00
23bbcexchange103253     309100.0$8.00
24darby-s39375     294100.0$3.00
25jhustle145905     22999.9$2.00

1) Each "eBay Member ID" is directly linked to the seller's current eBay listings.
2) "Net Vintage Sales" indicates the seller's eBay feedback after adjusting for "% Sale of Vintage (pre-1960) Material."
3) S/H Fee is the approximate shipping fee a dealer charges for a "typical" card in the $25-50 range. A few dealers include insurance in this fee, although most either do not offer insurance or offer it as an option at an additional charge.

The above list is derived from a database of more than 200 eBay sellers and is periodically updated.

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