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Old Cardboard Advertising Options

Old Cardboard offers three primary venues for promoting your company and products: Website Banner advertising, sponsorship in our quarterly eMagazine, and focused eBlast ads containing your specific message. Details and rates for each of these venues are described below. Email editor@oldcardboard.com (or call 512-466-5358) if you have questions on any of these programs.

eBlast Ads

Our advertisers are more and more taking advantage of our eBlast ads, which are dedicated exclusively to their auction or product. Each eBlast ad is emailed to our full list of more than 2500 Old Cardboard eMagazine readers.

Each eBlast serves as a separate eMagazine "supplement" focused on a message that you prepare and from which our readers can link directly to your website. If needed, we can also assist in the layout at no extra charge.

eBlast ad to 2500+ readers: $275

NEW! eBlast Discounts:
Three pack: $250 ea. (Save $75)
Six Pack: $225 ea. (Save $300)

Note: eBlast ad credits do not expire, but carry over to following year if not used.

FREE CALENDAR LISTING: As always, a listing of all major vintage auctions and shows is provided on our "Calendar of Events" page at no charge as a service to our readers--and to direct additional traffic to your event. Just let us know the dates.

Website Banner Ads

Your banner ad on the oldcardboard.com website is only one mouse-click away from bringing our website visitors (almost exclusively vintage card collectors) to your own home page.

Your 640-by-100-pixel banner rotates with others (limited to not more than 10 sponsors) at the top of well over 1400 pages on the oldcardboard.com website (including this page). Its prominent placement will establish company good will, brand recognition and web presence among our viewers. It will help generate traffic to your website and in turn increase sales for auctions and online stores.

A URL link directly to your website is included. There are no additional setuup fees and a nominal number of free updates can be made throughout the year. We will be happy to work with you to develop your Corporate Image ad or you may supply your own.

Full Year: $480

NEW! Fixed Ads on OC Home Page

Your 100 x 150 pixel "Business Card" is placed on the Old Cardboard Home Page. Your ad is fixed (does not rotate with other ads). It provides a 24/7 year-round "one-click" link from our home page to yours. Restrictions apply.

Full Year: $200 ($100 when
ordered with any other ad program)

eMagazine Sponsor Ads

The Old Cardboard eMagazine is now distributed annually (around mid-year) and reaches more than 2500 vintage subscribers. Distributed electronically, each issue includes several detailed articles featuring vintage card sets. An updated calendar of hobby events and new hobby "finds" along with the latest additions to the Old Cardboard website, are also provided.

An example of a recent OC eMagazine can be viewed here.

A key benefit of placing an ad in the Old Cardboard eMagazine is the continuous exposure that it gets on the website long after it is initially distributed (see Archive of Past Issues linked to directly from the OC Home Page). Separately, many of the 1100 articles in the Old Cardboard website's searchable Article Index (also with a direct link from the home page) are routed to various eNewsletters, driving more readers to see your ads far into the future.

eMagazine Sponsor Ad Pricing
Ad Height
Ad Width
Per Ad
Diamond Sponsor 350150$250
Platinum Sponsors300150$150
Gold Sponsors 250150$90
Silver Sponsors 200150$70
Bronze Sponsors 150150$50
Horizontal Ads
(between articles)

Numerous eMagazine Sponsor benefits:
    * Great exposure focused exclusively on Vintage Baseball Card Collectors
    * All eMagazines are Archived on Old Cardboard website (ad exposure long into the future)
    * All eMag articles are Indexed on Old Cardboard website (outstanding research tool)
    * Most eMag articles are referenced and linked to from Set Profile pages within website
    * All ads are linked directly to each sponsor's website or eBay store
    * Very low cost ads with options to accomodate any budget (starting at $50 per ad)
    * Keep in mind that the larger ads appear higher in the eMag Sponsor's column

Last but certainly not least, your support allows us to continue
to expand Old Cardboard services to benefit the vintage hobby.
We (and all vintage card collectors) appreciate your suppport.

To place your ad and reach out to thousands of vintage collectors, contact:

Lyman Hardeman
Old Cardboard Magazine
(512) 466-5358

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