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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1900-75"M-Crds"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1899-00M101-162$150 Sporting News Supplements
1909-13M101-2100$20 Sporting News Supplements
1915M101-36$90 Sporting News (see PC757)
1916M101-4200$50 Sporting News
1916M101-5200$65 Sporting News
1919M101-6119$75 Photo Card Premiums
1926M101-713$25 Sporting News Supplements
1932M101-84$55 Sporting News Supplements
1939M101-95$40 Sporting News Supplements
1910-11M1106$750 Sporting Life Cabinets
1910-17M113~70$22 Baseball Mag. Posters
1918-58M114~750$9 Baseball Mag. Posters
1910-11M116275+$55 Sporting Life
1888M11727$1,850 Sporting Times
1962M11889$25 Baseball Monthly Premiums
1935M12018$22 Det. Free Press Tigers
1901-17M128112?$35 Police Gazette Supplements
1911M13130$1,100 Baltimore News "Newsboys"
1879-80--68$65 NY Clipper Player Portraits
1889--14$185 The Stage Supplements
1892--2$750 N. Y. Recorder
1896--1$350 Boston Sunday Globe
1898-99--50$175 National Copper Plate Co.
1903-05--14$40 Burr-McIntosh Photoprints
1904--16$235 Sporting Boiler
1907--15$125 Newark Eve. World Suppl.
1909-40--32$20 TSN Record Book (pocket)
1909--24$66 Boston Herald Supplements
1909--13$80 Boston Sunday Post
1909--12$40 Minn. Tribune Supplements
1909--1$275 Pittsburgh Press Supplement
1910--26$1,000 Washington Times
1913--16+$85 Philadelphia Evening Times
1913-50--??$22 Illustrated Current News
1914--25$2,500 Baltimore News
1914--3$250 Chic. Examiner Supplements
1914--21$550 NY Evening Sun Supplements
1916--6$350 Succ. Farm. Unnumbered Set
1929--2$125 Phila. Inquirer Supplements
1930--1$475 Chicago Herald Examiner
1933-35--22$70 Blum's BB Bulletin Premiums
1937--29$10 Cleveland Press Indians
1940--21$100 Michigan Sportservice Tigers
1947--1$45 Sport Magazine Premium
1947-49--1$85 Pacific Coast Baseball News
1950--24$10 Philadelphia Inquirer

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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