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Ice Cream & Dairy
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1930-55"F-Cards"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1937/38F78$35 Dixie Lids
1952F724$65 Dixie Lids
1953F724$40 Dixie Lids
1954F718$40 Dixie Lids
1928F5060$30 Yuengling's Ice Cream
1928F5060$20 Tharps's Ice Cream
1928F5060$16 Harrington's Ice Cream
1928F5060$45 Sweetman
1928F526$95 Fro-Joy Ice Cream
1949F65107$145 Hage's Dairy
1950F65126$140 Hage's Dairy
1951F6554$160 Hage's Dairy
1940F6620$50 Hughes Frozen Confections
1940--18$170 Crowley's Milk
1943--6+$55 Golden Quality Ice Cream
1954--22$45 Blossom Dairy
Breakfast Cereal
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1952F272-320$8 Wheaties
1948F273-195$20 Kellogg's Pep Celebrities
1937F273-2718$20 Kelloggs Pep Sports Stamps
1930F278-501$160 Post Cereal--Mathewson
1932--1$220 Wheaties Ruth Flip Book
1932--24$30 Wheaties (see Worch Cigar)
1933--24$45 Wheaties (Minneapolis Millers)
1934--1$300 Quaker Oats Ruth Movie
1934--1$180 Quaker Oats Ruth Premium
1935-41--var.$15 Wheaties
1935--26$15 Wheaties
1951--9$60 Wheaties Test Issue
Other "Food" Cards
Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1950F15022$32 Am. Nut & Choc. Pennants
1954F15633$25 Red Heart Dog Food
1953F157-19$125 Stahl-Meyer Franks (53)
1954F157-212$125 Stahl-Meyer Franks (54)
1955F157-312$125 Stahl-Meyer Franks (55)
1950F219-124$27 Royal Desserts
1952F219-616$12 Royal Desserts Premiums
1952F33720$40 Num Num Indians
1943-47F340see table$25 Centennial Flour (4 sets)
1949F34312$55 Lummis / Sealtest Phillies
1913--20$330 Voskamp's Coffee Pirates
1916--20$450 Tango Eggs
1931--3$45 Blue Ribbon Malt
1933--2$400 Blue Bird Grape Soda
1936--1$95 Knickerbocker Beer
1941--3$12 Ballantine Beer Coasters
1950--35$27 Num Num Indians
1953--17+$85 Weaver's Wafers
1958--35$50 Bell Brand Potato Chips

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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