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1903   E107   Breisch-Williams
Player Checklist

1 #
2 #
Player Position Team

(1)*-(John) AndersonL.F.; 1BN. Y.; St. Louis, A
(2)-(Jimmy) Barret (Barrett)FielderDetroit
(3)-(Ginger) BeaumontFielderPittsburg
(4)-(Fred) BeckSubDetroit
(5)-(Jake) Beckley1BCincinnati
(6)-(Harry) BemisCCleveland
(7)-(Chief) BenderPAthletic
(8)-(Bill) BernhardPCleveland
(9)-(Harry) Bey (Bay)FielderCleveland
(10)-(Bill) Bradley3BCleveland
(11)-(Fritz) BuelowCDetroit
(12)-(Nixey) CallahanPChicago, A
(13)-(Scoops) Carey1BWashington
(14)-(Charlie) Carr1BDetroit
(15)-(Bill) CarrickP.Washington
(16)-(Doc) Casey3BChicago, N
(17)-(Frank) Chance1BChicago, N
(18)-(Jack) ChesbroPNew York, A
(19)-(Fred) Clark (Clarke)FielderPittsburg
(20)-(Boileryard) ClarkeCWashington
(21)-(Jimmy) Collins3BBoston, A
(22)-(Duff) CooleyFielderBoston, N
(23)-(Tommy) CorcoranCCincinnati
(24)-(Bill) Coughlan (Coughlin)3BWashington
(25)-(Lou) CrigerCBoston, A
(26)-L (Lav) Cross3BAthletics
(27)-M (Monte) CrossSSAthletics
(28)*-(Bill) DahlenSSBrooklyn; New York, N
(29)-T. (Tom) Daly2BChicago, A
(30)-G (George) Davis2BChicago, A
(31)-H (Harry) Davis1BAthletics
(32)(1)(Ed) Delehanty (Delahanty)FielderWashington
(33)-(Gene) DeMont (DeMontreville)SSWashington
(34)*-(Pop) Dillon-Brooklyn; Detroit
(35)-(Bill) Dineen (Dinneen)PBoston, A
(36)-(Red) DonahuePSt. Louis, A
(37)-(Mike) DonlinFielderCincinnati
(38)-(Patsy) DonovanFielderPittsburg
(39)-(Patsy) Dougherty (see Note 4)Fld'rBoston, A
(40)-(Klondike) DouglassCPhila., N
(41)*(2)(Jack) Doyle1BPhila., N; Brooklyn
(42)-(Lew) DrillCWashington
(43)-(Jack) DunnPNew York, N
(44)*-(Kid) Elberfield (Elberfeld)SSDetroit; Athletics
(45)-(Duke) FarrellCBoston, A
(46)-(Hobe) Ferris2BBoston, A
(47)-(Elmer) FlickFielderCleveland
(48)-(Buck) FreemanFielderBoston, A
(49)-(Bill) Freil (Friel)2BSt. Louis, A
(50)-(Dave) FlutzFielderNew York, A
(51)-(Ned GarvinPBrooklyn
(52)-(Billy) Gilbert2BNew York, N
(53)-H (Harry) GleasonSubBoston, A
(54)*-W (Kid) Gleason2BPhila., N.; New York, N
(55)-(John) Gochnauer (Gochnaur)SSCleveland
(56)-(Danny) GreenFielderChicago, A
(57)-(Noodles) HahnPCincinnati
(58)-(Bill) Hallman2BPhila., N
(59)-(Ned) Hanlon-Brooklyn
(60)-(Dick) HarleyFielderChicago, N
(61)-(Jack) HarperPCincinnati
(62)-(Topsy) Hartsell (Hartsel)FielderAthletics
(63)-(Emmet) HeidrickFielderSt. Louis, A
(64)-(Charlie) HemphillFielderSt. Louis, A
(65)-(Weldon) HenleyPAthletics
(66)-(Piano Legs) Hickman1BCleveland
(67)-(Harry) HowellPNew York, A
(68)-(Frank) Isabel (Isbell)1BChicago, A
(69)-(Fred) Jacklitzch (Jacklitsch)CBrooklyn
(70)-(Fielder) JonesFielderChicago, A
(71)-(Charlie) JonesSubBoston, A
(72)-(Addie) JossPCleveland
(73)-(Mike) KahoeCSt. Louis, A
(74)(3)(Wee Willie) KeelerFielderNew York, A
(75)-(Joe) KellyFielderCincinnati
(76)-(Brickyard) KennedyPPittsburg
(77)-(Frank) KitsonPDetroit
(78)*-(Malachi) KittredgeCBoston, N; Washington
(79)-(Candy) LaChance1BBoston, A
(80)(4)(Nap) Lajoie2BCleveland
(81)(5)(Tommy) Leach3BPittsburg
(82)*-(Watty) LeePPittsburg; Washington
(83)-(Sam) LeeverPPittsburg
(84)-(Herman) LongSSNew York, A
(85)*-(Billy) LushFielderDetroit; Cleveland
(86)-(Christy) MathewsonPNew York, N
(87)-(Sport) McAllisterCDetroit
(88)-(Jack) McCarthyFielderCleveland
(89)-(Barry) McCormick3BSt. Louis, A
(90)-(Ed) McFarlandCChicago, A
(91)-(Herm) McFarlandFielderNew York, A
(92)-(Joe) McGinnityPNew York, N
(93)-(John) McGraw3BNew York, N
(94)*-(Deacon) McGuireCBrooklyn; New York, A
(95)-(Jock) MenefeePChicago, N
(96)-(Sam) MertesFielderNew York, N
(97)-(Roscoe) Miller (see Note 5)PDetroit
(98)-(Fred) MitchellPPhila., N
(99)-(Earl) MoorePCleveland
(100)-(Danny) Murphy2BAthletics
(101)-(Jack) O'ConnorCNew York, A
(102)-(Al) OrthPWashington
(103)-(Dick) Padden2BSt. Louis, A
(104)-(Freddy) ParentSSBoston, A
(105)-(Roy) PattersonPChicago, A
(106)-(Heinie) PeitzCCincinnati
(107)-(Deacon) Phillipi (Phillippe)PPittsburg
(108)-(Wiley) PiattPBoston, N
(109)-(Ollie) PickeringFielderAthletics
(110)-(Eddie) PlankPAthletics
(111)*-(Ed) PoolePBrooklyn; Cincinnati
(112)*-(Jack) PowellPSt. Louis; New York, A
(113)-(Mike) PowersCAthletics
(114)-(Claude) Ritchie (Ritchey)2BPittsburg
(115)-(Jimmy) RyanFielderWashington
(116)-(Ossee) SchreckengostCAthletics
(117)-(Kip) SelbachFielderWashington
(118)(6)(Socks) SeyboldFielderAthletics
(119)-(Jimmy) SheckardFielderBrooklyn
(120)-(Ed) SieverPSt. Louis, A
(121)-(Harry) SmithCPittsburg
(122)-(Tully) SparksPPhila., N-
(123)-(Jake) StahlFielderBoston, A
(124)-(Harry) Steinfeldt3BCincinnati
(125)-(Sammy) Strang3BBrooklyn
(126)-(Willie) SudhoffPSt. Louis, A
(127)-(Joe) SugdenCSt. Louis, A
(128)-(Billy) SullivanCChicago, A
(129)-(Jack) TaylorPChicago, N
(130)(7)(Fred) Tenney1BBoston, N
(131)-(Roy) ThomasFielderPhila., N
(132)*-(Jack) ThoneySubCleveland; New York, A
(133)-(Jack) TownsendPWashington
(134)-(George) Van HaltrenFielderNY, N
(135)(8)(Rube) WaddellPAthletics
(136)-(Honus) WagnerSSPittsburg
(137)-(Bobby) WallaceSSSt. Louis, A
(138)-J (Jack) WarnerCNew York, N
(139)-(Jimmy) WiggsPCincinnati
(140)-(Jimmy) Williams2BNew York, A
(141)-(Vick) WillisPBoston, N
(142)-(Snake) WiltsePNew York, A
(143)-(George) Winters (Winter)PBoston, A
(144)-(Bob) WoodCCleveland
(145)-(Joe) Yeager3BDetroit
(146)-(Cy) YoungPBoston, A
(147)-(Chief) ZimmerCPhila., N

1) Data is shown as it is labeled on the cards. Parenthesis indicate card sequence numbers, player first names and other additions and corrections not found on the cards.
2) Asterisks (*) identify players that have cards with team variations. For these players, both teams are identified in the "Team" column.
3) Bold Type indicates players now in the Hall of Fame.
4) Card #39 labeled Dougherty actually displays the image of (Long Tom) Hughes.
5) Card #97 labeled Miller actually displays the image of George Mullin.

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