Update Newsletter  (Issue #1, May, 2004)


Greetings to our pre-1950 baseball card collecting friends! In this newsletter we wanted to let you know about a few exciting things we have accomplished as well as a few more we are working on.

1. OC at National Convention 2004, Cleveland, OH

2.* New! database driven eBay sellers list posted: https://www.oldcardboard.com/ref/ebay-sellers/ebay-sellers.asp

3. Overview of current OC Sponsors

4.* Completed "Type Card" Galleries on www.oldcardboard.com (direct links below)

5. Old Cardboard now advertising in major vintage card publications

*featured website update!


1. OC at National Convention 2004, Cleveland, OH

Old Cardboard will make our first ever appearance at the National Convention 2004 in Cleveland this July. We hope that you are able to stop by for a chat at booth number 2048. We will be demonstrating the various new sections of the website. We are also planning to produce hard-copy prints of type galleries for the more important pre-1950 card groups (N-cards, T-cards, E-cards, etc.) and will have these prints available for sale at the booth. We look forward to meeting you there.


2. New! database driven eBay sellers list posted on Old Cardboard

A popular oldcardboard.com feature was launched last month called the eBay Sellers List. While it only encompasses eBay sellers auctions, it was the beginning of a who's who selling vintage cards on eBay.

The list has been narrowed to focus on the "Top 50" sellers of early baseball cards on eBay. For each seller, the list includes eBay feedback ratings, amount of vintage material sold, shipping costs, direct links to each seller's current eBay auctions, payment details, and more. It is now database driven and will be updated on a regular basis. We hope that it will bring general awareness to the top sellers and provide a useful buyer's guide for eBay bidders.

The Ebay Sellers List can be viewed at: https://www.oldcardboard.com/ref/ebay-sellers/ebay-sellers.asp


3. Overview of current Sponsors

We thought we'd give special mention and brief introduction to our current sponsors. Without you we would not be where we are today! Currently OC has ten sponsors. In no particular order, here they are (recipients of this email):

1. Heritage Galleries, Dallas, TX. Judy Brown, thank you!
2. Bottom of the Ninth (BOTN), Santa Monica, CA. Greg Schwartz, thank you!
3. Shoeless Joe's Sportscards, Urbana, IL. (Shoeless) Joe Yanello, thank you!
4. SportsCards Plus, Laguna Niguel, CA. Jim Betancourt, thank you!
5. Robert Edwards Auctions, Watchung, NJ. Robert Lifson and Dean, thank you!
6. Collectible Classics Auctions, Irwin, PA. John and Judy Burk, thank you!
7. Shoebox Cards, Zelienople, PA Bill, Sharon, Michelle, and Wayne, thank you!
8. Mile High Card Company, Denver, CO Brian Drent, thank you!
9. 19thCenturyOnly, Bogota, NJ Seth Nagdeman, thank you!
10. VCBC, Hunt Valley, MD Don Betz, thank you!

To all, we look forward to working with you in the future!


4. Completed "Type Card" Galleries on www.oldcardboard.com

The Type Card Galleries have now been completed on the Old Cardboard website and they are AWESOME. Individual galleries (N-card, T-card, etc.)can all be accessed directly from the home page by clicking on the "Galleries" link, here are the direct links for your convenience. Enjoy!:

N-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/n/n-gallery.asp

E1-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/e/e1-gallery.asp

E2-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/e/e2-gallery.asp

D-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/d/d-gallery.asp

M-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/m/m-gallery.asp

R-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/r/r-gallery.asp

T-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/t/t-gallery.asp

WG-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/wg/wg-gallery.asp

Postcards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/pc/pc-gallery.asp

Exhibits: https://www.oldcardboard.com/w/exhibits/exhibits-gallery.asp

W-Cards: https://www.oldcardboard.com/w/w-gallery.asp


5. Old Cardboard now advertising in major vintage card publications

Old Cardboard will now be advertising in the major hobby publications SCD and VCBC. Our advertisements are placed solely for the purpose of driving more traffic to our website and promoting the contents of the Old Cardboard website. They will be effective and increase our brand recognition. And more visibility for us means more visibility for our sponsors!

Brett and Lyman Hardeman

brett: brett@oldcardboard.com
lyman: editor@oldcardboard.com



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