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eNews (June 2004, Issue #2)                
Today would be a great day to dig deep into the Old Cardboard website and uncover hidden treasures...
Hello vintage card collecting friends! If you are not acquainted withOld Cardboard then we invite you to take a peek at the most complete site on the internet for information about collecting vintage baseball cards. Nearly 500 (and counting!) type sets are already showcased -- each with direct links to auctions and research links to the powerful search engine. The website also includes a vintage baseball card Show and Auction Calendar and much more. As a result, Old Cardboard makes a great "Alt-tab") companion for vintage card shoppers and researchers. This newsletter provides current news, site updates, new auctions, etc. For subscription/unsubscription information see the bottom of this email. Your feedback is appreciated!
1.  Updated Auction and Show Calendar
2.   New!  Type-card collection Prints now available
3.  Updated Ebay Sellers List
4.  OC's featured Set of the Month
1.  Updated Auction and Show Calendar*
June 18-20    Houston, TX           Tri-Star show, George R. Brown Conv Center (website here)
June 25-27    Rosemont, IL         SCD Sportsfest show (see website here)
June 30         Internet                 Clean Sweep $5 Reserve auction
July 4th        Internet                   Heritage Sports Collectibles  Auction (register here)
July 8th        Internet                   19thCenturyOnly  Auction (register here)
July 21-25    Cleveland                 25th National Sports Collectors Convention (details here)
*To add an auction or vintage show date to our calendar just send an email to and we'll be happy to post it for you.   The  designates an Old Cardboard sponsor or preferred dealer/auctioneer.
2.   New!  Type-card collection Prints now available
Old Cardboard has produced two quality prints that display examples from some of the most popular vintage baseball type-card groups. Each print measures 18 inches wide by 24 inches high.
Each print functions as a handy vintage card reference and set identification gallery. The prints are designed to fit into a standard-size poster frame and provide a colorful decoration for any office or game room wall. A variety of frames are readily available from major national department retailers or at your local hobby or framing shop.  The framed prints also make ideal reference charts for display in baseball card shops that sell pre-1950 cards.
Prints are priced at only $24.95 per set with quantity discounts for 10 or more.  Revenue from the sale of these prints helps sponsor Old Cardboard, so don't be shy!  For more information and ordering, visit
3.  Updated Ebay Sellers List
The Ebay Sellers List was launched last month to bring visibility to those reputable dealers doing tremendous amounts of business in pre-1950's baseball material.  The top 10 as it now stands:
eBay Member ID # eBay
% Sale of
S&H Accept

1 scgaynor 20625 20     4125 99.7 $6.00 no
2 davidbvintage 8803 45     3961 100.0 $3.00
3 billjo 3246 80     2596 99.9 $3.00
4 mwcards 5427 45     2442 100.0 $2.00
5 colorado-mountain-sports 13543 18     2437 99.4 $3.00
6 grays 4469 50     2234 99.7 $3.00
7 oldbbcards 27899 8     2231 99.9 $1.50 no
8 baseballvintage 2157 95     2049 99.7 $6.00
9 houseofcardsmd 12687 15     1903 100.0 $3.95
10 dd9191 15331 12     1839 99.7 $1.75
The entire Top 50 list can be viewed at:
4.  OC's featured Set of the Month
Our Set of the Month feature for June is the "Ray-O-Print Photos" set produced in 1930 by M.P. & Co. of New York City.  These are the same folks that later issued the R302 sets--two separate but closely related series produced in 1943 and 1949, respectively.
The Ray-O-Prints were actually part of a do-it-your-self kit that includes a small film negative, a couple of unexposed photographic paper squares and a stand used to both process the photograph and display it after the photo was exposed.  The kit is packaged in a small envelope with directions on how to make it all happen.  As the directions state, exposure time in sunlight is "2 or 3 minutes...cloudy weather takes longer."
The multi-subject series also includes cards for non-baseball personalities of the period including Jack Dempsey, Herbert Hoover, Charles Lindbergh, Tom Mix, Mary Pickford and Will Rogers.
The Ray-O-Print set is further profiled on Old Cardboard at
Lyman and Brett Hardeman
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