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eNews Issue #42 (October 2007)

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1. Updated Auction and Show Calendar
2. Three Quarter Century Club Lives On
3. Latest Updates to the Website
4. 1907-09  PC773-2  H. M. Taylor "Mystery Card" Reported
5. Down Home Texas Chili Cook-off (Y'all Come)

1. Updated Auction and Show Calendar

The following is a summary of vintage card events coming up in the next 30-45 days. For the most current listings on additional vintage card shows and auctions, see the Show and Auction Calendar on the Old Cardboard website.

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October 2007

24-25Phone/Internet Mastro Classic Collector Auction (see website for details).
27Phone/Internet Heritage Auctions (see website for details).
28Phone/Internet Leland's October Internet Auction (see website for details).

November 2007

1Phone/Internet Lew Lipset Auction (see website for details).
1Phone/Internet Prestige Collectibles Auction (see website for details).
2-4Chantilly, VA CSA Chantilly Show (see website for details).
9Phone/Internet (see website for details).
10Phone/Internet Fusco Auctions (see website for details).
14-15Phone/Internet Collectible Classics Auction (see website for details).
24San Francisco San Francisco Bay Area Card Show (9am-4pm; Ryan-O'Connell Hall,
575 West Estudillo Ave. (Corner of San Leandro Blvd.), San Leandro, CA
29Phone/Internet Goodwin & Co. Auction (see website for details).

2. Three Quarter Century Club Lives On

Three-Quarter Century Club (1934)
We recently ran across an interesting 1930s real photo post card (RPPC) that pictures a group from St. Petersburg, Florida. The subjects in the group photo are all members of the "Three-Quarter-Century Baseball Club." The postcard is well labeled and indicates that the average age of it's members is 80 years young!

Old Cardboard subscriber and baseball postcard collector Dan Yaw, who lived in St. Petersburg for a number of years, tells us that the team was formed in 1930 and continues even today. According to Yaw, the postcard (shown above) can be readily dated to 1934. That's the year that Capt. Eldridge, labeled on the postcard as "103," celebrated his 103 birthday.

Babe Ruth himself is known to have umpired at least one of the team's games while Ruth was training with the Yankees in St. Petersburg. Lou Gehrig and Connie Mack were also active supporters of the club.

Three-Quarter Century Club (Today)
The "quarter century" club name recently took on a second meaning. In addition to restricting it's members to being three-quarters of a century old or older, the club itself reached the three-quarter century mark in 2005. The group is now playing in it's seventy-eighth year.

The club is perhaps better known today as the "Kids and Kubs" league, still in St. Petersburg.

The league is now organized into four teams. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday during their regular season, the four teams face off in a double header. Two teams face off at 10:30 am and the remaining teams play at 12:00 pm. In the league's heyday, games were attended by as many as three to four thousand supporters. Today, however, the games are much more modestly attended and played mostly for the enjoyment of the players.

The Kids & Kubs dedication to their league is not born out of competition but for the love of the game. If one team wins too often, they trade players around to "even things out."

The Kids & Kubs play all regular season games at the North Shore Park located on Tampa Bay at the foot of 8th Ave. NE. Anyone interested in joining Kids & Kubs (only if you qualify) should call 727-893-7108 to arrange for a try-out. Be forewarned, however; the competition is keen.

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3. Latest Updates to the Website

We are continually expanding the Old Cardboard website with more set profiles, checklists and set galleries. Recent (past 30-40 days) additions include:

Set Profiles have been added or significantly expanded for:
1948-49   Pacific Coast Baseball News Premium

Set Checklists have been added for:
1936   R314   Goudey "Wide Pens"
1910   E104-1 Nadja Caramels
1910   E104-2 Nadja Caramels
1910   E104-3 Nadja Caramels

Set Galleries have been added for:
1910   E104-1 Nadja Caramels

We continue to update the website with checklists and full set galleries for additional vintage issues, so check in often to check out the latest additions. There are now many thousands of card images on the Old Cardboard website and the list continues to grow. We welcome and encourage feedback with checklist additions, card images, error corrections and suggestions. Please send all input to

4. 1907-09  PC773-2  H. M. Taylor "Mystery Card" Reported

Front of card with "rights reserved" notice on back (Back #1)

Front of card with divided back and no copyright notice (Back #2)
Reader Mike Peich ran across an unusual postcard at the Reading Card Show earlier this month. According to Peich, "At first I thought it was an H. M. Taylor team card of the Detroit Tigers. But, when I turned it over it did not have the Taylor imprint, and had a different kind of postcard back."

Nevertheless, Peich purchased the card. When he returned home and compared it with his known "Taylor" version he noticed that the type used for the caption ("Detroit Club") was also different. In fact, careful inspection of the two cards reveals that they are actually based on two slightly different photographs although taken only seconds apart.

Several small details, such as the slight difference in the direction that the dog is facing in the two photos, provide ample evidence that they are based on two different photos. Peich agrees, adding that "the expressions are different, with the 'mystery card' poses looking almost like an out-take that the photographer didn't like. In the mystery card, for example, Cobb looks like the surly individual he was, while he looks slightly more friendly in the 'Taylor' photo."

Note that any of these card images can be slightly enlarged by clicking on the desired image.

Back #1 (most common; "rights reserved" notice)

Back #2 (divided with no copyright notice)

From these observations, Peich speculates that the 'mystery card' may have been "produced by another manufacturer looking to capitalize on the popularity of the 1907 Tigers, or possibly Taylor sold the rights to reproduce the card, but I suspect they would not do this."

Peich's observations piqued our curiosity, so we contacted Old Cardboard author Robert Silverman, a collector who specializes in baseball postcards. After checking a full set of eight PC773-2 cards, Silverman found a remarkable array of different backs. In addition to the most common "rights reserved" back (Back #1 above) reported by Peich, Silverman found four other back variations as shown below.

Considering all of these variations, Peich and Silverman would like to hear from other collectors that may have even different backs for the H. M. Taylor set. Please contact them directly if you have any additional information about the set.

Silverman has posted images of the H. M. Taylor set on his website. Back scans for all eight cards can also be viewed from links below each card on his webpage.

Back #3 (Donovan on Front)

Back #4 (Cobb Front)

Back #5 (Team on Front)

Back #6 (Horseshoe Front)

Summary information about the PC773-2 H. M. Taylor Postcard set, including a Checklist and Gallery of the complete set, can also be found on the Old Cardboard website.

5. Down Home Texas Chili Cook-off (Y'all Come)

Setting Up Before the Crowd Arrives

The sixth annual Hardeman House of Hellfire Chili Cook-off will be held this year on November 18 and all Old Cardboard subscribers are invited! The event is held each year in Austin--the Capitol of Texas and the Live Music Capitol of the World!

We realize that the event is a little "off-topic" for a newsletter about vintage baseball cards. And, yes, we know that most of our subscribers don't even live in Texas. But for any of our readers who might be able to attend, we guarantee a full helping of Texas hospitality and some of the best chili you have ever tasted. Who knows, we may even set up a table just for vintage card trading.

Last year's event was attended by 15 contestants and over 250 guests, and we expect that this year will be even bigger. A video of last year's festivities can be viewed at (along with some mighty fine music!).

A Tough Job for the Judges (and their palates)
If you think there is even a remote chance that you might be able to attend this year's cook-off, please email Lyman and he will make sure you get an notice along with updates, maps, and all the details. We hope to see you there (uh, here).

Lyman and Brett Hardeman
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