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Old Cardboard Magazine -- Issue #6

The cover and the table of contents for Issue #6 are shown below.

Issue #6 Cover

Issue #6 TOC

Note: This Special Issue on 3-D Baseball includes a pair of red-blue filtered glasses for viewing more than 30 images (including the cover) that have been processed for "in-depth" display.

Articles in the issue include:

1) "Stereoviews Add Dimension to Vintage Baseball Photographs" by Old Cardboard Staff. In the lead article for this special issue on 3-D baseball, fifteen early stereoviews are processed for three-dimensional viewing using the red-blue filtered glasses provided. The best stereoview images from several large collections are combined to display 3-D humor, sandlot games, world series sidelights, Ruth, Gehrig, and more.

2) "Fine, Wide and In Between: The 1930s 'Pens' Premium Sets -- Part I (R313 and Variations)" by Tim Newcomb. The first of a two-part series in which the author reports his findings about these widely distributed premium sets of the mid-1930s. This article focuses on the R313 National Chicle "Fine Pens" and other closely related sets. Nine cards never before known to the hobby are included in an updated checklist for the sets.

3) "3-D Dixie Lids Add Flavor to Ice Cream of the 1950s" by Lyman Hardeman. Continuing the 3-D Baseball theme of this special issue, a complete set of 36 baseball Dixie Lids produced in 1954 is presented as 18 three-dimensional images. It was the first and only 3-D baseball set produced by the company. Sadly, now more than fifty years later, these were the last of all picture lids ever produced by the Dixie Cup Company.

4) "NBC's 1947 Story of Babe Ruth: A Radio Show with a Premium" by Old Cardboard Staff. This scarce premium card was produced to promote a 30-miunute broadcast on the NBC network about the life of Babe Ruth. The dramatization aired on September 29, 1947, as part of its "Cavalcade of America" series sponsored by the Dupont Company. The article includes the URL for an Internet link to a recording of the full broadcast.

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