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Old Cardboard Magazine -- Issue #7

The cover and the table of contents for Issue #7 are shown below.

Issue #7 Cover

Issue #7 TOC

Articles in the issue are written by some of the hobby's most informed experts and about some of it's most interesting vintage sets. They include:

1) "1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders: A New Look at this Popular Set." Co-authors Lee Behrens and Brian Hodes, each of whom have put together complete 132-card runs of T202s, share what they learned in the process. The article includes a full checklist, a player end-panel cross-checklist, and a one-page sidebar that describes the only known three-panel in-store display used to promote the set and its sponsor, Hassan cigarettes. The impressive 1912 display was only recently discovered and is slated for auction this Spring.



2) "1914 E224 Texas Tommy: Elusive Set with an Exotic Name" by John Esch. From the author who brought us the article on M128 Police Gazette Supplements (see Old Cardboard Issue #4), we now have a detailed account of the E224 Texas Tommy series. Galleries for both Type 1 and Type 2 subsets are presented, along with recently discovered background information about the company that produced the 1914 set.



3) "Fine, Wide and In Between: The 1930s 'Pens' Premium Sets -- Part II (R314 and Variations)" by Tim Newcomb. The second of a very popular two-part series in which the author reports his findings about these widely distributed premium sets of the mid-1930s. This article focuses on the R314 Goudey "Wide Pens" and other related sets issued by Goudey Gum and its Canadian counterpart, World Wide Gum, beginning in 1935.



4) "1859 Showdown at Hoboken (as reported in Harper’s Weekly)" by Lyman Hardeman. A brief but revealing article about "base-ball" the way it was played nearly a century and a half ago. The narrative is based on a report printed the Harper's Weekly issue of October 15, 1859. It is illustrated by a panoramic woodcut image of a game played the previous week at Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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