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1929   R316   Kashin Publications
Group Master Checklist

- - - - - - - Box Color - - - - - - - - - - - "Sister" Sets - - - - -
Card Player Orange Blue Coral Canary W553 W554 Leader 33G

(1)Dale Alexander x------   -
(2)Ethan N. Allen -x-----   -
(3)Larry Benton ---x--x   x
(4)Moe Berg x------   -
(5)Max Bishop x-----x   -
(6)Del Bissonette ---x---   -
(7)Lucerne A. Blue x---?-x   -
(8)James Bottomley -x----x   -
(9)Guy T. Bush -x----x   -
(10)Harold G. Carlson ---x---   -
(11)Owen Carrol x------   -
(12)Chalmer W. Cissellx------   -
(**)Mickey Cochrane ----xx-   -
(13)Earl Combs --x---x   -
(14)Hugh M. Critz -x-----   -
(15)H. J. DeBerry -x-----   -
(16)Pete Donohue ---x--x   -
(17)Taylor Douthit ---x--x   -
(18)Charlie W. Dressen---x---   -
(19)Jimmy Dykes x------   x
(20)Howard Ehmke --x----   -
(21)Elwood English --x----   -
(22)Urban Faber --x----   -
(23)Fred Fitzsimmons ---x--x   -
(24)Louis A. Fonseca --x--xx   -
(25)Horace H. Ford ---x---   -
Orange Blue Coral Canary W553 W554 Leader 33G
(26)Jimmy Foxx x---?xx   x
(27)Frank Frisch -x--x-x   -
(28)Lou Gehrig --x-xx-   x
(29)Charles Gehringer --x----   -
(30)Leon Goslin x---x--   -
(31)George Grantham -x-----   -
(32)Burleigh Grimes ---xxxx   -
(33)Robert Grove --x-xxx   -
(34)*Bump Hadley -------   -
(35)Charlie Hafey ---x---   -
(36)*Jesse J. Haines -------   -
(37)Harvey Hendrick -x-----   -
(38)Floyd C. Herman -x-----   -
(39)Andy High -x-----   -
(40)Urban J. Hodapp x------   -
(41)Frank Hogan -x----x   -
(42)Rogers Hornsby ---xx-x   -
(43)Waite Hoyt --x--x-   -
(44)Willis Hudlin x------   -
(45)Frank O. Hurst -x-----   -
(46)Charlie Jamieson --x----   -
(47)Roy C. Johnson --x----   -
(48)Percy Jones -x----x   -
(49)Sam Jones x------   -
(50)Joseph Judge x----xx   x
Orange Blue Coral Canary W553 W554 Leader 33G
(51)Willie Kamm --x----   -
(52)Charles Klein -x---xx   -
(53)Mark Koenig --x----   -
(54)Ralph Kress x------   -
(55)Fred M. Leach --x----   -
(56)Fred Lindstrom -x----x   -
(57)Ad Liska --x----   -
(58)Fred Lucas (Red) -x-----   -
(59)Fred Maguire ---x---   -
(60)Perce L. Malone ---x--x   -
(61)Harry Manush (Henry) -x-----   -
(62)Walter Maranville ---x?-x   -
(63)Douglas McWeeny ---x-x-   -
(64)Oscar Mellilo (Melillo)--x----   -
(65)Ed (Bing) Miller x---?-x   -
(66)Frank O'Doul -x--xxx   -
(67)Melvin Ott ---x-xx   -
(68)Herbert Pennock x----xx   -
(69)William W. Regan x------   -
(70)Harry F. Rice --x----   -
(71)Sam Rice --x----   -
(72)Lance Richbourg ---x---   -
(73)Eddie Rommel ---x-xx   -
(74)Chas. H. Root -x----x   -
(75)Ed Roush -x-----   -
Orange Blue Coral Canary W553 W554 Leader 33G
(76)Harold Ruel (Herold)x------   -
(77)Charlie Ruffing x------   -
(78)Jack Russell x------   -
(79)Babe Ruth xxxxxx-   -
(80)Fred Schulte --x----   -
(81)*Harry Seibold -------   -
(82)Joe Sewell --x----   -
(83)Luke Sewell x------   -
(84)Art Shires x------   -
(85)Al Simmons x---xxx   -
(86)Bob Smith -x-----   -
(87)Riggs Stephenson -x-----   -
(88)William H. Terry ---x--x   x
(89)Alphonse Thomas --x----   -
(90)L. F. Thompson ---x---   -
(91)*Phil Todt -------   -
(92)Harold J. Traynor ---x?-x   -
(93)Dazzy Vance.. --x---x   -
(94)Lloyd Waner -x---x-   -
(95)Paul Waner ---x--x   -
(96)Jimmy Welsh ---x---   -
(97)Earl Whitehill x------   -
(98)A. C. Whitney ---x---   -
(99)Claude Willoughby -x-----   -
(100)Hack Wilson -x---xx   -
(101)Tom Zachary --x----   -
Orange Blue Coral Canary W553 W554 Leader 33G

* These four players (one from each boxed subset) are not listed in the checklists on the box backs.

**Cards for Mickey Cochrane are included in both the W553 and W554 sets. He is the only player that is not included in the R316 series but that is found in the Kashin "sister" sets.

? identifies the five cards that have previously appeared in W553 checklists but have not been verified in several decades and are no longer considered by collectors to be included in the set.

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