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1948   R714-27   Topps Magic Photos
Player Checklist

Card # Player (Answer) Question on Back of Card

Subset  K  ("Baseball Hall of Fame")
1Lou BoudreauWho is the manager of the 1948 World Champion Cleveland Indians?
2Cleveland IndiansEd Robinson played first base for what team in the 1948 World Series?
3Bob EliottWhat Boston Brave slugger slammed in two home runs in the first three innings of the fifth game in the 1948 World Series?
4Cleveland Indians 4-3Who won the 1948 World Series and what was the score of the final game?
5Cleveland Indians 4-1
(Lou Boudreau)(scoring)
Who won and what was the score of the second game of the 1948 World Series?
6Babe Ruth (714)This greatest of baseball personalities hit how many homers to earn the title, "King of Swat"?
7Tris Speaker (793)Name the player who holds the record for the most 2-base hits.
8Rogers HornsbyA player call "Rajah" held the National League batting average record for six years in a row. What's his name?
9Connie MackName the oldest manager in baseball who signals his player with a score-card.
10Christy MathewsonName the N. Y. Giant hurler who pitched 3 shut-outs against Philadelphia in the 1905 World Series?
11Hans WagnerWho was the star infielder who played 2785 games with the nickname: "Flying Dutchman"?
12Grover AlexanderA National League Philadelphia pitcher hurled 16 shut-out games in 1916. What's the name of this record holder?
13Ty CobbWho holds all records for hits, games played, batting average, total bases, and most runs?
14Lou GehrigName the Yankee player who hit 4 homers in one game in 1932. He tied with 3 others for the record.
15Walter JohnsonWhat All-American pitcher holds the records for most strike-outs and most shut-out games?
16Cy YoungWho is the pitcher who has pitched and won the most games?
17George Sisler (257)What St. Louis player had the most hits during one season?
18Tinker and Evers (Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers)What two baseball champs played with Chance to make the greatest double play combination?
19Third Base Cleveland IndiansKenny Keltner is "out" in this photo of 1948 World Series. What position did he play for what team?
Subset  J  ("Movie Stars")
9Sam LeveneWhat movie personality is known as "the actor's actor" because of his outstanding dramatic ability? [Hint: Played baseball writer Phil Conrad in "The Babe Ruth Story"]
17William BendixOnce a bat boy for the N. Y. Yankees, he plays "Babe Ruth" in the picture of the same name.

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