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Article Index -- Search Information & Tips

This database-driven index now contains a considerable amount of detail for more than 1300 articles--all directly related to collecting vintage baseball cards and memorabilia. These include all feature articles from Old Cardboard magazine. Article details can be obtained by selecting the article title from the main index listing.

Details for each article include customary index data (title, author, issue number, issue date, starting page number, number of pages in the article, number of illustrations, etc.). In addition, the detail for each full-length magazine article includes an image of the magazine cover in which that article appears, a several-line article abstract and thumbnail images of the finished article layout.

Numerous shorter articles found in the Editor's Notebook and Collector's Dugout sections of the magazine are also indexed. In addition, over 200 articles from Old Cardboard eNewsletters are now included in the database. Direct links to each eNewsletter article are provided so that the user has on-line access to the full text and graphics of the article.

We have also indexed articles from the full run of all fifty of Lew Lipset's The Old Judge newsletters published in the late 1980s and from all 38 issues of The Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector (VCBC). In addition, the index includes several dozen relevant articles from Sports Scoop, a hobby monthly distributed in the early 1970s. Articles form other hobby publications such as The Trader Speaks, the Sports Exchange Trading Post and others are planned for the future.

The user is also able to filter database searches by Publication, Article Type, and a simple yet very useful Word Search string. Query results can then be sorted by Publication (default), Issue Number and Issue Date.

When using the Article Index, please keep in mind:

1) Six "Publications" are currently included in the Article Index database. They are:
Old Cardboard:   Old Cardboard magazine (currently about 175 articles)
OC eNewsletter:   Now just over 100 articles; All with links to full text
SGC Collector:   The SGC Collector (about 40 articles from all 14 issues)
Sports Scoop:   Includes 42 articles from the full 20-issue run of magazine
The Old Judge:   The Old Judge newsletter (about 185 articles from all 50 issues)
TTS:   The Trader Speaks (over 200 articles from 1974 thru the end of the run in 1983)
VCBC:   Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector (over 200 articles from full run)
2) Articles are classified into one of several "Types" as indicated on the Article Detail pages. Currently, these are:
Book Review:   Note: book author (not reviewer) is listed in the "Author" field.
Dugout:   Collector's Dugout profile (subject is named in the "Title/Subject" field).
Ed. Notebook:   Article from Editor's Notebook section of Old Cardboard magazine.
Misc:   All other article types not otherwise listed here.
News:   Articles primarily based on then recent hobby news, etc.
Player Data:   Articles focused mainly on a specific player's career, achievements, etc.
Set Profile:   Articles that focus mainly on specific vintage card sets.
3) The "Search Word" filter is currently limited to a single character string. Characters within the string are not case sensitive. For example, entering "T206" (without the quotes) will produce a list of all articles relating to the T206 "White Border" card set. Entering the string "t206" with a lower-case "t" will produce the same results list. Searches include contents of the "Author" and "Title/Subject" fields. Other database fields displayed only in the article details pages (such as "ACC Number" and "Notes/Comments") are also searched.

4) In addition to using the above selection filters, the results list may be sorted in alphanumeric sequence by selecting the desired column heading.

5) Selecting the link for the article entry in the "Title/Subject" column will display details for that article. If the article appeared in an Old Cardboard eNewsletter, the link will take you directly to the full article. If the article is from Old Cardboard magazine, an article abstract and thumbnails of the page layout are also provided.

We welcome your suggestions for future modifications and enhancements. Please send all input to editor@oldcardboard.com.

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