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2004 "National" in a Nutshell

The 2004 "National" was a very positive experience for dealers and collectors alike. We found a few things for our own collection and had a chance to meet and chat with dozens of dealers and collectors that we previously had only "met" on the phone or via e-mail exchange. In the process, we firmed up advertising for the first issue of Old Cardboard magazine, signed up numerous new subscribers, and gathered ideas (and even a couple of completed articles) for future issues.

A detailed show review with lots of pictures of vintage card and memorabilia dealers, as well as collectors and their "finds," was featured in the inaugural (Fall 2004) issue of Old Cardboard magazine. If you haven't already subscribed, you can sign up today.

The images below offer a glimpse of the show floor and a few of the vintage attendees (or should we say "youthful attendees who collect vintage baseball cards and memorabilia?").

Quadrant from Center of Hall toward Exhibitor Entrance
(click to enlarge)

Brett Hardeman in Old Cardboard Booth
(click to enlarge)
Hardcore Collectors from the Network 54 Forum Relax after Dinner on Thursday.
Front Row (left to right): Zach Rice, Bill Cornell, "JC" Clarke, Mark Evans, and Stan Justl. Second Row: Chris Thomas (black shirt), Ryan Christoff (green shirt), Jason Badovick, Tim Newcomb, Adam Warshaw and Wayne Justl. Third Row: Peter Calderon (multicolor shirt), Robert Silverman, Seth Nagdeman, Elliot Bassin and John Effenheim. Top Row (standing): Peter Thomas, Jay Dyer, Lyman Hardeman, Scott Gaynor and Leon Luckey. Behind the lens: Brett Hardeman. A special thanks to event organizer Pete Calderon.

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