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1912   T207   Brown Backgrounds
Player Checklist

# Player Group* Known w/Red
Cross Backs?

(1) John B. Adams Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(2) Edward Ainsmith Recruit-Napoleon
(3) Rafael Almeida Broadleaf-Cycle
(4a) James Austin (insignia on shirt)Recruit-Napoleon
(4b) James Austin (no insignia) Recruit-Napoleon
(5) Neal Ball Recruit-Napoleon
(6) Eros Barger Recruit-Napoleon
(7) Jack Barry Recruit-Napoleon
(8) Charley Bauman Broadleaf-Cycle
(9) Beals Becker Recruit-Napoleon
(10) Chief Bender Recruit-Napoleon
(11) Joseph Benz Broadleaf-Cycle
(12) Robert Bescher Recruit-Napoleon
(13) Joe Birmingham Broadleaf-Cycle
(14) Russell Blackburne Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(15) Fred Blanding Broadleaf-Cycle
(16) Jimmy Blocke Recruit-Napoleon
(17) Ping Bodie Recruit-Napoleon
(18) Hugh Bradley Recruit-Napoleon
(19) Roger Bresnahan Recruit-Napoleon
(20) J.F. Bushelman Broadleaf-Cycle
(21) Henry Butcher Broadleaf-Cycle
(22) Robert M. Byrne Recruit-Napoleon
(23) John James Callahan Recruit-Napoleon
(24) Howard Camnitz Recruit-Napoleon
(25) Max Carey Recruit-Napoleon
(26) William Carrigan Recruit-Napoleon
(27) George Chalmers Recruit-Napoleon
(28) Frank Chance Recruit-Napoleon
(29) Edward Cicotte Recruit-Napoleon
(30) Tom Clarke Recruit-Napoleon
(31) Leonard Cole Recruit-Napoleon
(32) John Collins Recruit-Napoleon
(33) Robert Coulson Recruit-Napoleon
(34) Tex Covington Recruit-Napoleon
(35) Otis Crandall Recruit-Napoleon
(36) William Cunningham Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(37) Dave Danforth Recruit-Napoleon
(38) Bert Daniels Recruit-Napoleon
(39) John Daubert Recruit-Napoleon
(40) Harry Davis Recruit-Napoleon
(41) Jim Delehanty Recruit-Napoleon
(42) Claude Derrick Recruit-Napoleon
(43) Arthur Devlin Recruit-Napoleon
(44) Joshua Devore Recruit-Napoleon
(45) Mike Donlin Broadleaf-Cycle
(46) Edward Donnely Broadleaf-Cycle
(47) Charles Dooin Recruit-Napoleon
(48) Tom Downey Broadleaf-Cycle
(49) Lawrence Doyle Recruit-Napoleon
(50) Del Drake Recruit-Napoleon
(51) Ted Easterly Recruit-Napoleon
(52) George Ellis Recruit-Napoleon
(53) Clyde Engle Recruit-Napoleon
(54) R.E. Erwin Recruit-Napoleon
(55) Louis Evans Recruit-Napoleon
(56) John Ferry Recruit-Napoleon
(57a) Ray Fisher (blue cap) Recruit-Napoleon
(57b) Ray Fisher (white cap)Recruit-Napoleon
(58) Arthur Fletcher Recruit-Napoleon
(59) Jacques Fournier Broadleaf-Cycle
(60) Arthur Fromme Recruit-Napoleon
(61) Del Gainor Recruit-Napoleon
(62) William L. Gardner Recruit-Napoleon
(63) Lefty George Recruit-Napoleon
(64) Roy Golden Recruit-Napoleon
(65) Harry Gowdy Recruit-Napoleon
(66) George Graham Recruit-Napoleon
(67) J.G. Graney Recruit-Napoleon
(68) Vean Gregg Broadleaf-Cycle
(69) Casey Hageman Recruit-Napoleon
(70) Charlie Hall Recruit-Napoleon
(71) E.S. Hallinan Recruit-Napoleon
(72) Earl Hamilton Recruit-Napoleon
(73) Robert Harmon Recruit-Napoleon
(74) Grover Hartley Broadleaf-Cycle
(75) Olaf Henriksen Recruit-Napoleon
(76) John Henry Recruit-Napoleon
(77) Charles Herzog Broadleaf-Cycle
(78) Robert Higgins Recruit-Napoleon
(79) Chester Hoff Broadleaf-Cycle
(80) William Hogan Recruit-Napoleon
(81) Harry Hooper Recruit-Napoleon
(82) Ben Houser Broadleaf-Cycle
(83) Hamilton Hyatt Broadleaf-Cycle
(84) Walter Johnson Recruit-Napoleon
(85) George Kaler Recruit-Napoleon
(86) William Kelly Broadleaf-Cycle
(87) Jay Kirke Broadleaf-Cycle
(88) John Kling Recruit-Napoleon
(89) Otto Knabe Recruit-Napoleon
(90) Elmer Knetzer Recruit-Napoleon
(91) Edward Konetchy Recruit-Napoleon
(92) Harry Krause Recruit-Napoleon
(93) "Red" Kuhn Broadleaf-Cycle
(94) Joseph Kutina Broadleaf-Cycle
(95) F. H. Lange Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(96) Jack Lapp Recruit-Napoleon
(97) W. Arlington Latham Recruit-Napoleon
(98) Thomas W. Leach Recruit-Napoleon
(99) Albert Leifield Recruit-Napoleon
(100) Edgar Lennox Recruit-Napoleon
(101) Duffy Lewis Recruit-Napoleon
(102a) Irving Lewis (emblem on sleeve) Broadleaf-Cycle
(102b) Irving Lewis (no emblem) Broadleaf-Cycle
(103) Jack Lively Recruit-Napoleon
(104a) Paddy Livingston ("A" on shirt) Recruit-Napoleon
(104b) Paddy Livingston (big "C" on shirt)Recruit-Napoleon
(104c) Paddy Livingston (little "C") Recruit-Napoleon
(105) Briscoe Lord (Philadelphia) Recruit-Napoleon
(106) Harry Lord (Chicago)Recruit-Napoleon
(107) Louis Lowdermilk Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(108) Richard Marquand Recruit-Napoleon
(109) Armando Marsans Recruit-Napoleon
(110) George McBride Recruit-Napoleon
(111) Alexander McCarthy Broadleaf-Cycle
(112) Edward McDonald Recruit-Napoleon
(113) John J. McGraw Recruit-Napoleon
(114) Harry McIntire Recruit-Napoleon
(115) Matthew McIntyre Recruit-Napoleon
(116) William McKechnie Recruit-Napoleon
(117) Larry McLean Recruit-Napoleon
(118) Clyde Milan Recruit-Napoleon
(119) John B. Miller (Pittsburg) Recruit-Napoleon
(120) Otto Miller (Brooklyn) Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(121) Roy Miller (Boston) Broadleaf-Cycle
(122) Ward Miller (Chicago) Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(123)** Willie Mitchell (Cleveland)Recruit-Napoleon
(124) Mike Mitchell (Cincinnati) Recruit-Napoleon
(125) George Mogridge Broadleaf-Cycle
(126) Earl Moore Broadleaf-Cycle
(127) Patrick J. Morgan Recruit-Napoleon
(128) Cy Morgan (Philadelphia)Recruit-Napoleon
(129) Ray Morgan (Washington) Recruit-Napoleon
(130) George Moriarty Broadleaf-Cycle
(131a) George Mullin ("D" on cap)Recruit-Napoleon
(131b) George Mullin (no "D" on cap)Recruit-Napoleon
(132) Thomas Needham Recruit-Napoleon
(133) Red Nelson Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(134) Herbert Northen Recruit-Napoleon
(135) Leslie Nunamaker Recruit-Napoleon
(136) Rebel Oakes Recruit-Napoleon
(137) Buck O'Brien Recruit-Napoleon
(138) Rube Oldring Recruit-Napoleon
(139) Ivan Olson Recruit-Napoleon
(140) Martin J. O'Toole Recruit-Napoleon
(141) George Paskert Recruit-Napoleon
(142) Barney Pelty Broadleaf-Cycle
(143) Herbert Perdue Recruit-Napoleon
(144) O.C. Peters Broadleaf-Cycle
(145) Arthur Phelan Broadleaf-Cycle
(146) Jack Quinn Recruit-Napoleon
(147) Don Carlos Ragan Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(148) Arthur Rasmussen Broadleaf-Cycle
(149) Morris Rath Broadleaf-Cycle
(150) Edward Reulbach Recruit-Napoleon
(151) Napoleon Rucker Recruit-Napoleon
(152) J.B. Ryan Broadleaf-Cycle
(153) Victor Saier Broadleaf-Cycle
(154) William Scanlon Recruit-Napoleon
(155) Germany Schaefer Recruit-Napoleon
(156) Wilbur Schardt Recruit-Napoleon
(157) Frank Schulte Recruit-Napoleon
(158) Jim Scott Recruit-Napoleon
(159) Henry Severoid Recruit-Napoleon
(160) Mike Simon Recruit-Napoleon
(161) Frank E. Smith (Cincinnati) Recruit-Napoleon
(162) Wallace Smith (St. Louis) Recruit-Napoleon
(163) Fred Snodgrass Recruit-Napoleon
(164) Tristam Speaker Recruit-Napoleon
(165) Harry Lee Spratt Recruit-Napoleon
(166) Edward Stack Recruit-Napoleon
(167) Oscar Stanage Recruit-Napoleon
(168) William Steele Recruit-Napoleon
(169) Harry Steinfeldt Recruit-Napoleon
(170) George Stovall Recruit-Napoleon
(171) (Gabby) Street Recruit-Napoleon
(172) Amos Strunk Recruit-Napoleon
(173) William Sullivan Recruit-Napoleon
(174) William J. Sweeney Broadleaf-Cycle
(175) Leeford Tannehill Recruit-Napoleon
(176) C.D. Thomas Recruit-Napoleon
(177) Joseph Tinker Recruit-Napoleon
(178) Bert Tooley Recruit-Napoleon
(179) Terence Turner Recruit-Napoleon
(180) George Tyler Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(181) Jim Vaughn Recruit-Napoleon
(182) Chas. Wagner Recruit-Napoleon
(183) Ed Walker Recruit-Napoleon
(184) Robert Wallace Recruit-Napoleon
(185) John Warhop Recruit-Napoleon
(186) George Weaver Broadleaf-Cycleyes
(187) Zach Wheat Recruit-Napoleon
(188) G. Harris White Broadleaf-Cycle
(189) Ernest Wilie Recruit-Napoleon
(190) Bob Williams Recruit-Napoleon
(191) Arthur Wilson (New York)Recruit-Napoleon
(192) Owen Wilson (Pittsburg) Broadleaf-Cycle
(193) George Wiltse Recruit-Napoleon
(194) Ivey Wingo Recruit-Napoleon
(195) Harry Wolverton Recruit-Napoleon
(196) Joe Wood Recruit-Napoleon
(197) Eugene Woodburn Broadleaf-Cycle
(198) Ralph Works Broadleaf-Cycle
(199) Stanley Yerkes Recruit-Napoleon
(200) Rollie Zeider Recruit-Napoleon

# Player Group* Known w/Red
Cross Backs?

* See Old Cardboard eNews #74 for discussion of T207 Groups
** Description on back is that of Mike Mitchell; photo is Willie Mitchell

Bold Type identifies the 13 Hall of Fame players in the set.

Cards are unnumbered and arranged here alphabetically by last name.

Thanks to Tim Newcomb for contributing to the content of this checklist.

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