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1913   WG5   National Baseball Game &
1913   WG6   Tom Barker Card Game
Combined Checklist

Card Number Player/Description Baseball Play on Card
WG5 WG6 Top Bottom

Player Cards
(1)(1)Grover AlexanderFoul FlyOne
(2)(2)Frank BakerHome RunDouble Play
(3)(3)Chief BenderStrikeOne
(4)(4)Bob BescherSacrifice HitDouble Play
(5)(5)Joe BirminghamBase HitOut
(6)(6)Roger BresnahanFoul FlyOne
(7)(7)Nixey CallahanFoul FlyOne
- (8)Bill CarriganHitOne
(8)(9)Frank ChanceBase HitOut
(9)*(10)*Hal ChaseHitOut
(10)(11)Fred ClarkeBase HitOut
(11)(12)Ty CobbBase HitOut
(12)(13)Sam CrawfordHitTwo
(13) - Bill DahlenHitOne
(14)(14)Jake DaubertFoul FlyOne
(15)(15)Red DooinHitOne
(16)(16)Johnny EversBase HitOut
(17)(17)Vean GreggStrikeOne
(18)(18)Clark GriffithHitTwo
(19)(19)Dick HoblitzelFoul FlyOne
(20)(20)Miller HugginsStrikeOne
(21)(21)Joe JacksonFoul FlyOut
(22)(22)Hughie JenningsBallThree
(23)(23)Walter JohnsonStrikeOne
(24)(24)Ed KonetchyStrikeOne
(25)(25)Nap LajoieHitOut
(26)(26)Connie MackBallThree
(27)(27)Rube MarquardStrikeOne
(28)(28)Christy MathewsonStrikeOne
(29)(29)John McGrawStrikeOne
(30) - Larry McLeanFoul FlyOne
- (30)Chief MeyersFoul FlyOne
(31)(31)Clyde MilanHitCaught Stealing
(32)(32)Marty O'TooleStrikeOne
(33)(33)Nap RuckerFoul FlyOne
(34)(34)Tris SpeakerHitTwo
(35) - Jake StahlHitOne
(36)(35)George StallingsBallThree
(37) - George StovallFoul FlyOne
(38)(36)Bill SweeneyHitTwo
(39)(37)Joe TinkerHitOut
(40)(38)Honus WagnerFoul FlyTriple Play
(41)(39)Ed WalshHitOne
- (40)Zack WheatHitOne
- (41)Ivy WingoFoul FlyOne
(42)(42)Joe WoodstrikeOut
(43)(43)Cy YoungFoul FlyOne
Game Action Photos (players not identified)
(44)(44)Batter swinging; looking forwardHitOut
(45)(45)Batter swinging, looking backFoul FlyOne
(46)(46)Play at plate, runner standingHitOut
(47)(47)Runner looking backwardsBase HitCaught Stealing
(48)(48)Runner sliding; fielder at bagStealsOne
(49)(49)Runner sliding; umpire behindBase HitOut
(50)(50)Runner sliding, hugging baseHitTwo
(51)(51)Sliding play at plate, umpire leftHitOne
(52)(52)Sliding play at plate, umpire rightStealsOne
Other Miscellaneous Cards
(53a)(53a)Rules card--
(53b)(53b)Rules card (reverse)--
(54a)(54a)Score card--
(54b)(54b)Score card (reverse)--

* Cards for Hal Chase are found in both sets, but with a different pose.

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