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Hall of Fame Rookie Card Detail
Jake Beckley

Jake Beckley Career Statistics
(from baseball-reference.com)
HOF Year: 1971
First Year in MLB: 1888 HOF Category: Player
Last Year in MLB: 1907 HOF Electing Group: Veterans Committee
All collectors will agree that the true Rookie Card for Jake Beckley hails from the 1887-90 Old Judge set. After that issue, more than a decade went by before Jake Beckley would appear in another baseball card set, the 1902-11 W600 Sporting Life Cabinet set. In 1903, an extremely scarce card of Beckley was produced as part of the immensely popular E107 Breisch Williams set. Subsequently, a unique single copy of a Beckley card was issued along with every other player included in the 1904 Allegheny Card Company set. Finally, there was one other rare Beckley card issued during 1904, an Anonymous Studio Cabinet.

Rookie Card (A)

1888 N172 Old Judge

Rookie Card (B)

1902 W600 Sporting Life

Rookie Card (C)

1903 E107 Breisch Williams

Rookie Card (D)

1904 Allegheny Card Co.

Rookie Card (E)

1904 Anonymous Studio Cabinets

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