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Hall of Fame Rookie Card Detail
Bullet Rogan

Player Name: Bullet Rogan HOF Year: 1998
First Year in MLB: n/a HOF Category: Negro Leag.
Last Year in MLB: n/a HOF Electing Group: Veterans Committee
Although no career contemporary cards were ever produced for Bullet Rogan, his earliest card appearance comes within the 1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars set. Subsequently, a card picturing Rogan was included within the 1980-01 Perez Steele HOF Postcards series. Another commemorative card depicting Rogan hails from the 1986 Larry Fritsch Negro League issue. The following season, in 1987, another commemorative card of Rogan was included as part of the 1987 Phil Dixon Negro League series. Finally, a popular card picturing Rogan was issued in conjunction with the 1990 Eclipse Negro League Stars issue.

Rookie Card (A)

1974 Laughlin Old Time Black Stars

Rookie Card (B)

1980-01 Perez Steele HOF P/C

Rookie Card (C)

1986 Lary Fritsch Negro League

Rookie Card (D)

1987 Phil Dixon Negro League

Rookie Card (E)

1990 Negro League Stars

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