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Hall of Fame Rookie Card Detail
Mickey Cochrane

Mickey Cochrane Career Statistics
(from baseball-reference.com)
HOF Year: 1947
First Year in MLB: 1925 HOF Category: Player
Last Year in MLB: 1937 HOF Electing Group: Baseball Writers
The first card ever produced picturing Mickey Cochrane hails from the 1924 Zeenuts PCL Minor League set. The first Major League issue picturing Cochrane originates from the 1925 M114 Baseball Magazine Supplements set. In addition, a popular Postcard-Back Exhibit of Cochrane was produced during the 1925-31 time frame, with the card found in many different color printing variations. Subsequently, a black and white card depicting Cochrane was issued by the Sports Company of America in 1926. Finally, Cochrane would appear on another Postcard-Back Exhibit known as "4-on-1" as it pictured three other players along with Cochrane on the card and it originated from the 1926-31 era.

Rookie Card (A)

1924 E137 Zeenut PCL

Rookie Card (B)

1925-31 Exhibits P/C Back

Rookie Card (C)

1925 M114 Baseball Magazine

Rookie Card (D)

1926 Sports Co. of America

Rookie Card (E)

1926-31 P/C Back "4-on-1" Exhibits

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